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Friday, May. 14, 2004


It's a happy dang friday! I got my apartment! but I can't move into it yet! because the new cabinets are not there! and they are not sure when they will be! not to mention the new refrigerator! ack!

I am beyond pleased that I got the apartment, and truthfully, I can use an extra week or two to pack and get my shit together and come up with the rent. So it all works out for the best, I guess, but I was sorta feeling like there was all kinds of forward momentum which is now a little stalled. But honestly, I don't think I could REALLY pack up all my shit in a week, with the schedule I have going on. So it's all good. And the floating island tiki bar apartment shall be mine before the end of June.

Today, Pacifica candle company sent me word that Brazilian Mango Grapefruit candles are on sale. As if they knew.

Last night I had a major epiphany---somewhere out there I have a video camera that I never use and could probably sell for $300-$400. (I think I paid close to $600 for it, and used it maybe three times.) I believe it is currently somewhere in my friend's house, because I believe I loaned it to her to make a videotape of her house when she moved in--over a year ago. That suspicion will be confirmed shortly. This epiphany filled me with glee, as I could really use a surprise couple hundred right now. In fact, I may even call the dad and try to borrow some. I have a lot of overdue bills and a lot of rent to pay in the next couple of weeks, and the catering is not going to cover it. Argh. One of the nice features of my new island tiki apt is that it is easy walking distance to PIC, where I may prostitute myself for evening cash in the near future. Just to avoid this kind of cashflow crunch happening again.

In more exciting news, last night I went to see a play featuring one of our baristas. She was excellent, the play was mostly good, although I didn't like the ending. This morning I got to discuss it with not only the actress but three or four other people who had seen it. That's one of the things I love about the Quizzle--you can always count on some interesting conversation if you are sitting at the bar.

This morning I made lemon basil polenta with dried cranberries and maple syrup. I wanted to eat the whole damn pot myself, but I did not. No one ordered it(apparently the lure of the vegan breakfast burrito was too great) but I put some in the case. AND I brought some home for my private consumption. Good lord, is that stuff good. Just try to imagine.

My stereo just turned itself on again. I am starting to think that maybe I inadvertently set some sort of alarm function, because the last three+ days when I have come home I have heard D'Angelo singing in my apartment. It's not a BAD thing, but it is a little unexpected.

Tonight I stroll through the past, darkly, at the QS, where my former bandmates are playing. It will be weirder than weird, but I feel like it is some sort of emotional test for me. I feel up to it.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the morning in bed drinking coffee and watching my programs, and then spend the afternoon cleaning and packing and getting rid of things. In the evening there is a new opening at Blue Ruin of photos of exotic dancers, and then a dance party. Sunday will be all about picking up the pieces, and rolling 200 vegan grape leaves. I can dig it.

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