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Tuesday, May. 25, 2004


Today I got my keys! And I went with my HG and measured all the areas in my apartment. Turns out that my ultimate spacial plan is not going to work (because the hearth of the brick fireplace in the livingroom is elevated, and the entrance to the kitchen is in the livingroom and not the hallway like I previously believed) but I wrote down all my measurements and came home and measured all my things, and then I printed some graph paper off the computer and I made SCHEMES. Oh yes. It turns out that the bedroom is even bigger than I thought, and will hold even more stuff. Turns out that a few things are pre-determined by outlets and cable wires and phone jacks, but for the most part I have a lot of room to play. The bathroom is indescribably tiny, which is karmic retribution for the gigantic bathroom I have had for four years and never kept clean or utilized to its fullest extent. However, with the addition of a silver lame shower curtain and a well placed David Lee Roth poster, it will be delightful. The brand spanking new fridge is a lot smaller than the one I have now, but that is GOOD. It will help me to keep to my plan to not buy a lot of stuff I won't use. Considering how a)I can walk to the QS anytime I want and eat for free, and b) I can walk to the Giant Food Eagle Gallery or Whole Foods and shop anytime I want, I don't need a lot of storage room in the fridge. It does have a very swanky "soda station" on the door where you can stack cans and they will dispense one at a time. The perfect set up for soda water or knudsen jamaican lemonade. There is a lot of storage cabinetry in the kitchen, for which I am deliriously excited. There is also room underneath my cabana counter to put some kind of compact storage for pots and pans. There are also lots of big wooden planks from which to hang anything I desire. I was envisioning installing some little shelves on the groovy open beam side wall of the kitchen for some cookbooks and whatnots. We'll see. AND--the fire escape door easily opens from the pantry! Of course, going onto it would mean crawling through the pantry, but at least it is a nice ventilation option. The closets in the bedroom are large enough for me to fulfill my dream of being dresser free with the addition of a few three drawer storage units. As soon as I get that Target card paid off, it's going to be shoppin city.

So, even though there is more space and more storage than I previously thought, I am still going to be getting rid of a TON of stuff. Including a whole lot of art. I feel slightly weird about selling art that I did not create, but I am completely unable to get in touch with the people who created it and I am also unable to get in touch with my ex roomate who might want to take some. We'll see what happens.

Whee! I am really really excited about this move. I feel like I am really starting over on my own terms for the first time EVER, and it feels great.

Also, this. Sometimes cleaning out your CD rack can change your life, or at least your attitude.

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