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Wednesday, May. 26, 2004

Happy Stevie Nicks Birthday!

I have not celebrated by listening to Stevie Nicks as of yet, but I do have a few hours work in the kitchen to do this evening. I wish I had known before this moring that it was her birthday so I could have brought the entire Stevie Nicks experience to work with me. Alas.

Today I have been on the go nonstop, and it feels great. Breakfast was the busiest I remember, and I also got a few phone calls and was trying to make a dip for catering at the same time. Whoo boy! Then I stayed an extra couple of hours to help out the lunch cook, as it was bumpin for the beginning of lunch too and we are without a dishwasher this week.(our dishwasher is, as all good dishwashers should, supplementing his dish income by participating in medical experiments.)

I got home and started updating the LUPEC calendar madly, and that took a couple hours and many emails. THEN I headed down to the strip for cheese, fruit, pineapples, avocadoes, and bowls, all of which I got in under an hour. Now it is time for dinner and cleaning. I wanted to go to the new crib tonight to clean but I think instead I better do some stuff here, as it is GARBAGE NIGHT and the feelin's right. Plus, I have all that chopping to do. My kitchen is a disaster right this minute as I decided yesterday to get rid of the massive accumulation of plastic bags I had stored behind the fridge. Then, I became bored with that idea and left them all over the floor. So it is sort of like being in the silver cloud room at the Warhol, except that you are running into giant eagle bags instead of silver clouds.

It's looking like this weekend is going to involve a massive moving adventure afterall. I have a couple of parties to attend, but in between parties I plan to be a movin fool. Care to join me?

OH! I almost forgot! The reason I started to write this entry in the first place! I can barely describe how angry THIS makes me. It is a sad, sad day when I have to contemplate the idea of LOW SUGAR Krispy Kremes.

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