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Thursday, Aug. 05, 2004

Dear Diary--

What a shitty week! Well, it started off just fine. The wedding went really well, aside from the usual assortment of badly behaved drunks that we have come to expect. The food went super fast--I am pretty sure that although the bridal couple were planning for a cocktail reception, they did not specifically SAY it was a cocktail reception on the invitation. And the people who showed up at 6pm were ready to gorge themselves. So, we did the best we could flying down the hall between the kitchen and the room where the food was, not tripping over flower girls or crying drunks or stumbling old men(drunks) Everything was delicious and gorgeous, and the bride and groom were beautiful and sweet and made a really kick ass dance tape that everyone enjoyed. Drunkenly. Ah, weddings. I'll be glad to be rid of em for a while.

So, after the wedding, I got home and my honeygirl picked me up some beers and a burger from Mitchell's, where I have eaten vast numbers of times without incident. This time, my number was up, and I wound up with a wretched case of food poisoning. I threw up almost every four minutes for the entire night, and after my honeygirl called me off work, I threw up another hour or so and then slept the rest of the day, waking up every now and again with wrenching abdominal pain. Called off again on Monday, but by Monday afternoon I was able to eat a plum. Yum, yum, plum. I was also able to drink cranberry juice, at least most of the time. Monday night I tried rice and miso soup but no dice. Tuesday I went and did breakfast, feeling pretty okay, but by the end of it I was exhausted. All my vomiting muscles ached like I had been run over several times. It was NO FUN. So I called off the bookstore and slept more and by Tuesday evening I felt fine and ate a lot of pasta. Yesterday was awesome, as far as my physical health goes.

However, yesterday I found out that a fellow who used to work in the kitchen at the Quizzle was shot, apparently randomly, in Squirrel Hill. I didn't know him all that well, but I always liked seeing him when he dropped in for breakfast. My last memory of him will be the day last week when he came in and ordered a mushroom soysage panini, and asked who Alexis de Tocqueville was(he was the birthday boy of the day) Lots of QSers were very good friends with him, and there is a palpable sadness hanging over the place. Today a couple of reporters came in to interview people, trying to piece together a life behind the statistic. It's too, too sad.

A lot of my favorite people are pro-gun--yeah verily, my very favorite people are very pro gun. I know that they are responsible and careful and that is good for them. But when something like this hits home, or even close to home, it's hard not to be reactionary. It's hard not to think that no body should have guns in their homes. Of course, the argument is always that the law can never be enforced and if law abiding people are not allowed to have guns, then the lawless people will do even more damage. I hear it, but in times like these, it's hard to put my faith in it.

As luck would have it, I am due to leave on a roadtrip tomorrow right after breakfast, so I will soon be able to hopefully put all the nasty events of the week behind me and bask in the beauty of America. We are driving down to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a wedding party for my gal J* and her man, and then driving up to Seven Springs for Alice Cooper. In between, we'll see some beautiful country and eat some fruit and sleep in the truck in the woods. I think it's what I need.

What I need right now is to order a pizza for my dinner and clean my house a little bit so I can come home happy.

Hope ya'll have a pleasant weekend. Catch you on the flip.

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