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Monday, Aug. 09, 2004

First, I have to say something about the cigarettes I got at the GOmart in West Virginia.

They are one of the new camel special flavors, and they have a "hint of bourbon", and are a very very fine smoke. I like them alot. They come in a nice burgundy and gold tin, very classy.

HOWEVER, they are so unfortunately named that I think the unfortunateness of the name is my favorite thing about them.

They are the BACK ALLEY BLEND.

Now, I realize that they have this whole Prohibition thing going on, and the back alley is supposed to refer to bootlegging and stuff, but in this post feminist world the words BACK ALLEY do not conjure bootlegging. They conjure abortion. So I was referring to them as abortion flavored cigarettes, which is so not funny that you have to laugh. Right? Laugh!

OK, now that that's out of the way, I can sum up most of my weekend in three words: biscuits and gravy. I had them for every possible meal whilst in the south, and I do not regret it. It doesn't make sense that you can't make the same food in the north as in the south, but even my homemade with granny's recipe biscuits and gravy don't ever taste as good as what you can get in a diner in North Carolina.


There was a lot of driving through beautiful country, with metal cranking on the boombox which I had to hold on my lap to keep the bumps from disturbing the rock. It was great.

We stayed in a Super 8 on Friday night, then went on to Asheville to check it out and had coffee in a place called the Old Europe Coffeebar and Confectionery, where they serve the coffee in china on a silver platter, and I had the most amazing chocolate cake called Black Diamond. I had to. Also got some of my favorite incense of all time, and walked around in the gorgeous sunshine.

Then it was on to Black Mountain to secure our camp site at Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground, which was so unbelievably gorgeous I am still not over it. We hung out at camp for a while, and then we went to the party at the big beautiful party house. The food and drink and company were wonderful, and we met some really fantastic new people and hung out with some old friends and danced to the Johnsons and celebrated the bride and groom. Then back to camp, where we had a nice fire and then snuggled up in the back of the truck. I haven't been camping in 12 years, and the minute we were out there I was kicking myself that I don't do it all the time. Camping I love. I am not a big one for hiking and all that, but just being in the nature without having to move around a lot I like.

We got up at 6am, had some biscuits and gravy, and got on the road. The trip back was kinda grueling, especially the long long long stretch of West Virginia that looks all the same. We stopped at a Shoneys in the afternoon and got a last biscuits and gravy fix, and then finally we made it to the mountains of Pennsylvania. The trip into Seven Springs was a little frightening because there was detouring involved and they just don't really bother to mark the roads out there where the cows live, but we finally found it. And we got in there, and we got cool t shirts and a keychain and bumpersticker, and then we found our seats which were about 20 feet from the stage. It was really nice to see SO MANY people in their Alice wear and eye makeup, and the folks up at the VIP tent were slinging t shirts and teddy bears into the audience with a giant slingshot. And then Ryan Roxie came out in a Roxie 77 Willie Wonka themed t shirt and straw hat and sunglasses, and I could not help grinning. He was swarmed with people, including the people who were sitting next to me and asked me if I knew who he was. It made me uncomfortable that so many people were swarming him because he plays guitar for Alice Cooper, and I was not going to join them, but I did want to tell him that I love the Roxie CD. So I went up to him and said I didn't need an autograph because I had one on my Cd which I love. He gave me a big hug and wrote me an autograph anyway--"to lady rock". Hee hee! Then he told me I could get my very own T shirt! Which I did. Wow. It's so great, with my all time favorite quote on the back. I was giddy.

The opening band was okay---I feel like if they were not preventing me from seeing Alice Cooper I might have liked them. Finally they were done, and the music started, and even though my honeygirl and I were perfectly happy with our close as hell seats, we could not stand it and had to run up to the front of the stage. There I was, just about 8 feet from the eyes of Alice Cooper. It was a good set---not too different from the last show I saw, but the added bonus of being RIGHT THERE made it worth the 12 hour drive. AND I GOT PICTURES! I am hoping that they look great. Keep your fingers crossed. It was over way too soon, and we made it home quickly and passed out in about two seconds. A pretty dang good weekend, I'd have to say.

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