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Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2004

A little update before I embark on paella making:

Yesterday was a chock full kind of day. Got up at 5 ungodly am to shower and get to the grocery store for breakfast fruits before breakfast. Had a medium-busy day at the restaurant, and then headed on to the bookstore, where I did a heaping pile o'paperwork and answered a lot of questions. Got out of there a little later than I intended, and noticed that it would be a good 45 minutes until my next bus came. Drag. So I walked into Squirrel Hill for a little dinner, and ended up at Aladdin's Eatery, a new spot on Forbes. Where I was seated by a pixieadorable girl I know in her section, and treated to hot mint tea on the house to go with my mujadarra platter. Which, for the uninitiated, is rice and lentils. Baby. They serve up a big ole plate of r'n'l with lots of crispy fried onions and tomato-cucumber-parsley salad on top. It did my body GOOOOOOD after the biscuits and gravy carnage of the weekend. (not to mention the Tomato Pie. Have I mentioned the tomato pie? That will have to be another entry) Just as I was finishing eating I got a call from T and chatted with her while waiting for the bus. It was nice. Also while waiting for the bus I saw a bunch of familiar faces, which is always fun. Seeing people out of context and getting the surprised grin.

Finally got on the bus and did the majority of paella shopping in addition to some household necessaries---how do I manage to run out of toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, and foil all at once? It seems unlikely, but I did. So I hoofed it all home and sat down at the computer with a lime fruit bar and saw that I had a message from my honeygirl that Fangs of the Panda was playing at the Deli Company. Despite the aching tiredness, I had to go. So she came to get me and we got a pimpy parking spot, seats at the bar, beers and monsterous nachos. Then we lucked out and got a table with some cool boys, and chatted with the rock stars and enjoyed the opening bands. Entertaining in their own ways.

FOTP rocked HARD---I think it was definitely my favorite of their shows so far. They busted out several of my fave covers, and the vocals were very clear and the rock was very rockin. All good.

After they played we sat and chatted for a while with the funniest man in Pittsburgh, who told us story after hilarious story about working crew for the Huey Lewis and the News show. I could listen to that guy all night, except that I would have a heart attack from laughing so hard.

Finally, sleep. Not nearly enough. I want a nap so badly I am shaking, but there is NO TIME FOR NAPS. Gotta make the paella. Lord have mercy on me.

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