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Sunday, Aug. 15, 2004

So, Friday night I was at a bbq at Herbie's place, and I learned a secret which I have already put to excellent use twice this weekend---CD LICKING. No one could explain how it worked, but Herbie's brother revealed that if you lick a CD all over and then wipe it on your shirt, it will stop skipping. And as I said, I have tried it twice this weekend and it worked both times. I can not explain it. But I am glad to know it.

The bbq was a great time--Herbie's family(mom, bro, his wife and their boy) are all fabulous and funny people, and we had a great time eating and drinking and smoking too much and talking and laughing just enough. It was nice and low key and just what I needed. Saturday I was up in the Storm all day, doing lunch and making soup and hanging out. It felt SO GOOD, and although I was pretty tired from being on my feet for nine hours when it was all done, I was also oddly energized by being in the kitchen cooking for people. Where I belong. I had a great special called The Happy Hippie, where people could choose from a long list of things to add to a bowl of rice and lentils with a side salad and vegan garlic toast. It was a slow slow Saturday, so I didn't have many takers, but the ones I did have were happy hippies indeed.

Saturday night I talked to my sissy on the phone and made two mix CDs--one for her and one for my highschoolbuddy, which I totally forgot to bring when I went to meet her today. C'est la vie.

Today I slept in late, showered and walked to Panera for coffee and a bagel and ostensibly to do some paperwork. Instead I smoked cigarettes and watched people, and then ventured into Bloomfied to meet my buddy. We gabbed at the coffeeshop for three hours, and then we went over to Paul's. It couldn't be helped. I got the Jet CD and Cornershop, which I have been thinking about now and again for a while and it was on sale, for petessakes. Jet was not on sale but I needed to have it. It's blasting out of my computer right now(after a good licking, thank you very much) and I couldn't be happier. I think they will save rock and roll. After Paul's we ate at Thai Cuisine, which is always like stepping into paradise. Not only is the food fantastic and fresh and healthy, but the people are all gorgeous and dress in beautiful Thai fabric and are the nicest people on earth. No laundry, no cleaning, but I feel spiritually renewed, so what the hell. Sometimes you need those days. I can do laundry when I'm dead, or at least while I am making paella.

Now for a philisophical query--why did Target feel compelled to put aspertame in their key lime flavored soad water? Soda water don't need no sweetener, jack. Everybody knows that!

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