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Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2004

Hello Hooray!

May I call your attention to my new link to the Roxie 77 site. May I also request my 20 or so readers to take a minute to check it out so you can see why I am in such a fluttery excited state these days. The other night I was paging through the internet all night, reading everything I could about the man and his sounds, and when I checked my email there was a request from him to help promote the new CD which will be officially released any day now. How could I say no? He loves Willie Wonka, glam rock, and porn. My kinda man. I have pledged to do everything I possibly can to spread the message of peace, love and armageddon to Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, and I intend to make good on my promise. So consider yourself warned--this diary is liable to become pretty Roxie-centric in the near future.

Starting with, I got my pictures developed today. Despite the fact that I was using a disposable camera with no telephoto lens, I got a couple of very decent shots. The two best ones were when I held the camera high above my head and said a prayer. One of Ryan Roxie in the ULTIMATE GUITAR GOD pose, legs spread and head thrown way back. Wheehoo. Another of Alice with the big fat replacement snake(you heard the story about the snake, right? His regular snake accidentally ate a HEATING PAD and had to have emergency surgery. Alice left it to recuperate at a reptile sanctuary and took this giant replacement snake on the road. It really is very impressive)In that photo Alice is also wearing the top hat. And he was singing a particularly sinister version of "Sick Things", one of my favorite Alice songs. And then there is a very good shot where the crowd parted in front of me for a moment and I got a full on shot of the man with the EYES gazing down in my direction. I TOLD you the eyes of Alice Cooper were upon me!

I went to pick the pics up this evening wearing my Alice Cooper button. The guy who was working the photo counter said "Hey! You must be the one with the Alice Cooper pics! I didn't get to print them, but I heard about them!" I was glad that my Alice photos were the subject of merriment and conversation amongst the photo printers at Ekerd. We had a nice conversation about the Staples commercial. It made me smile.

Earlier today I was doing a friendster search for Roxie 77 fans, and I was met with a huge stumbling block--there were at least 30 or so people(I gave up after that) who hit for Roxie, but were actually talking about Roxy Music. How can you say that Roxy Music is one of your favorites if you can't even spell it? Huh? I mean, you had to have at least seen a CD cover at some point, right? I'm mystified.

I'm also hungry. I need to go scoot my ass up to the Storm to get in on the SupperClub action before it's too late. And then laundry. For realz.

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