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Friday, Aug. 20, 2004

Well, the wedding from hell is finally here. Just about 6 hours from now, I will be in the home stretch. The latest malfunctions involved in the wedding from hell are:

1)my friend who was supposed to work it with me had to cancel because her baby daddy refuses to pick up the kid for visitation now that he has to pay child support;

2)the coconut-papaya soup I made this morning CURDLED in the most alarming way I have ever seen, into a cottage cheesy mass with some grey water swirling around it. NOT what one wants to experience at 7am. I had to flush the toilet three times to get it all to go down, too. Horrors.

However, my honeygirl got back in to town and is going to save my life, par usual, and I am chugging along and will have time to get to Whole Foods for another twenty or so dollars worth or coconut milk and papaya. AND, it will all be over soon, and I will have a check in hand. Plus, I got an email from Ryan Roxie thanking me for becoming a street team member. AND I got the Jet CD, which is rockin my world like mad and makes all the kitchen time dance party time.

You take the good with the bad.

Speaking of bad, lately I have been plagued by a commercial for THIS movie. The commercial voice over says "America's favorite talking babies are back!" And I say--"please tell me there is no such thing as america's favorite talking babies. I don't want to live in a world where there is such a thing as America's favorite talking babies." But then they go on to talk, and there is nothing I can do because I am in the kitchen with my hands covered in something. I think I'll start leaving the remote on the floor so I can step on the volume when that commerical comes on. It sickens me.

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