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Monday, Sept. 06, 2004


I'm back! My trip to "new york" was a lot of work, a lot of transit, a lot of eating in chain restaurants and hanging out in the Yonkers Holiday Inn. Hardly any of the cool hangin in the big apple I was hoping for. But hey--it was a work trip after all, not a vacation. I feel really good about what I accomplished and I met some great people and I will hopefully receive a big fat check sometime soon so it's all good. I'm really bummed that I did not manage to see any of my NYC peeps though. Que Sera.

There really isn't much interesting to tell...unpacking textbooks and taking home enrollment figures and folding 300 course information cards and spending hours on the phone with tech support doesn't make for interesting diary reading. I did take a short walk in Central Park and visit the Museum of Television and Radio, and I did get to dine in a delightful Italian place in the West Village called Gonzo which featured watermelon, prociutto and arugula pizza. Otherwise, it was a lot of Outback Steakhouse and Friendly's and the hotel restaurant which made the best pizza since God(according to themselves)

Now I'm back in the Quizzle saddle and gearing up for the debut of Indian Feast Thursday nights. I am so excited for this I can barely stand to wait for the week and a half! Between now and then I have expense reports to file and laundry to do and mold to obliterate from my shower and a host of cleaning and organizing projects planned for the Quizzle. I'm NOT planning to go back to Chatham, but I did get a very interesting proposal from Carlow, the details of which still need to be finalized. Guess I'll just never get Follett out of my blood.

Let me just say this---I have never before in my life seen such a concentration of Republicans as I did in La Guardia on Friday when I was trying to get to DC on a standby. It was frightening. I think I have said before that I just can not understand how someone with such diametrically opposed views to mine can be so convinced that they are right, when they are so clearly wrong. Guess it's all in your perspective.

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