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Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004

Well, it's *almost* decided that I will have a little Marc Bolan Birthday Bash dance party at the Quizzle for Marc's birthday. Almost because I have to wait for confirmation that there isn't something else already booked, but it appears to be clear. It all came together last night at the SC(supperclub, for the uninitiated) where I ran into DJ Sensitive and confirmed that he has some T REX records. He said he'd go out and get more. I think since there isn't much time and I have some other things to do between now and then(like two more Indian Feasts and a LUPEC meeting) it is going to be low key. A lot of dancing, some cake, and maybe I can encourage some friends to come out and play some Marc Bolan songs accoustic style. Mostly, it will be a nice opportunity for the glamsters to put on the lame and eyeliner again, and for me to drink too much brandy. I watched my flippy copy of "Born to Boogie" last night in anticipation. Despite the flippiness, it is an amazing thing and puts me in a fantastic mood immediately. Such is the power of the Sylvan Sprite of Rock and Roll.

Later last night I watched Alice Cooper and my rock star boyfriend on Craig Kilborn. The show was taped last November so my rsb still had blonde hair and Eric Dover and Eric Singer were there. They looked great and sounded great and Roxie put on his fantastic rock god moves. What a treat. Herbie Tivo'd it for me so I can have a decent VHS copy(my reception is pretty lousy so I didn't want to tape it from home) to watch whenever I need a little shot of rock god. Which is all the damn time, certainly.

What I didn't do last night was mash the yams and make the patties, which is today's project. Along with the chutney. This morning I cranked out the gallons of dal and prepped my taters and cauliflower. So tomorrow before showtime all I need to do is throw together the aloo gobhi, rice, and sooji. Yippee kay yi yah!

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