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Monday, Sept. 20, 2004

And then it rained. And rained. All day long on Friday, more rain than ever before. As I live in a tiki treehouse I was not concerned, although it did nothing to alleviate the mold smell in my bathroom or the entryway to my building. However, it did rain into the basement of my highschoolbuddy, so she had to cancel our date. I did still make it to the gallery to see the amazing paintings of Brian Richmond and to hear the amazing sounds of the WP, and to represent in the crowd of people who have either slept with my ex-husband or wanted to. There were a lot of us in attendance.

Didn't make it to the Sci Fi Idols due to flood fears, but instead hit the beddybye and slept in again. Saturday morning the sun shone bright and we had some coffee and watched the shows, and then headed out to Ritter's for breakfast. (corned beef hash, my love)

Then stopped in to the Goodwill as my honeygirl wanted to get some t shirts to silkscreen for the Bolan Birthday Bash. (now 100% official!!!) Wherein I hunted unsuccessfully for some new glitter frocks. I did however find truly kickass five inch suede platform boots with FRINGES!!! And a fake pony fur vest. And Dreamweaver by Gary Wrigth and Flowing Rivers by Andy Gibb. Tra la. From there we hit Jerry's where I looked listlessly at the metal section and my HG got Ratt's Out of the Cellar, finally. Then, on to Wonka!

I cried not just at the end, but at various times throughout the film, including several times in the insufferable begining. I was definitely feeling extra sappy. There were very few hipsters there, which made me mad. Glad I could represent, though.

Then what? On to Club Rickety, where we chilled for a bit and then picked up some farm fresh eggs and garlic and giant squashes, then on to the Foodland for Sunday morning provisions.

Back to the treehouse where I sauteed scallops in garlic butter and made some pasta with caramelized squash and tomatoes, and we ate heartily. Then out to the Rock Show. It was more sparsley attended than I had expected, but I saw some friendly faces and some Eye Candy, in the form of my favorite boy in a very sexy new black shirt embroidered with blue flowers, and the most sexual punk rocker in a blue bandana and classic black t shirt jeans and chains. I passed out some handbills for the Bolan Birthday Bash and danced and drank and pretentiously smoked Nat Sherman Fantasia Lights. It was a good if low key time.

Did not visit the afterparty. I am too old for such.

Sunday morning made a big ole sausage and biscuits and gravy breakfast and then cleaned the hell out of the treehouse in preparation for a LUPEC biznass meeting. We got a lot of ground covered and ate some snacks and since it was only three of us hardcore gals we chatted a lot too. It was nice.

And then my HG came over and we watched Velvet Goldmine ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! Sitting upright helped.

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