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Friday, Sept. 24, 2004

Happy Friday Goof Off Day to You!
This morning I got up really early for a goof off day, and I am hoping that translates into getting some things done in addition to the goofing off. I keep thinking of moving the CDs and record albums and tapes into the livingroom. I can't decide if this is a good idea or not. I mean, it would be nice to have the music right there next to the music equipment instead of having to wade through all the uncategorized stuff that is still on the bedroom floor to get to it. On the other hand, I feel like having all the CDs and albums and tapes in the livingroom will make it feel cluttery, and I am trying to avoid the cluttery feeling. Harumph. I think I will try it out and see what happens. I certainly don't like the fact that every time I think about listening to an album, I immediately think "but GAH, I'll have to go in there and FIND IT, and then bring it back in here and change the hook up from the DVD, and GAH, can I really be bothered? I'll just play Roxie again." And while there is nothing wrong with listening to Roxie seven or eight times a day, I am not really a one trick pony. I'm a multifaceted type of gal.
Speaking of, yesterday was an exercize in multifacetism which I enjoyed immensely. First up was spending the morning at the Quizzle making some stuff for Indian and hanging out with Herbie and the crew. It was the Boss's birthday(as in, Bruce, not the boss of the Quizzle, silly!) and everyone was in a happy mood. I made the raita and toasted the cashews for the carrot cashew salad and roasted the eggplant for the chickpea-eggplant curry, and made the EXTREME SPICY corn and pepper chowder. Damn, that shizzy was spicy! I couldn't actually eat a bowl of it, but people seemed to dig it. After the morning of prep, I headed for the Iggle to get the oil for poori frying and millions of bananas. Then I came home and strapped on my platform boots and put Suede in the stereo and rolled and fried my pooris. I forget if I mentioned this or not, but one of the most fantastic features of my new suede platform ankle boots with FRINGES is that they make me just taller enough to work comfortably at my slightly too tall kitchen counter. So rolling the pooris was a breeze. Doing dishes in platform boots is just silly though. I switched to the bejewelled tourquoise sandals for that.
Then I rushed off to the QS and finished everything off, and people really dug it. Many folks who came last week came back and said that they liked this menu better. I had a great sensual flash back while I was stirring the curry---I didn't realize it when I picked the recipe, but it was something that I remember the Krishnas making at one of our cooking classes back in college. Herbie and I talked about the Magic of Indian Cooking, wherein you can take the same basic ingredients (chickpeas, tomatoes, ginger) and make them taste completely different depending on the spice blend. I like magic.
So after the indian feast was over, it was time for the show. Old Man Baby sounded great, and I was really glad to be able to hear Leslie's gutteral bluesy growl while enjoying a PBR. Then came VINX, who was super amazing. I really feel bad that people did not come out to see this show, because that man was a drumming MACHINE. He also had one of those machines that makes an instant loop of whatever you do, so he could sing multiple harmonies with himself. I couldn't make it through the whole night because I was a tired kitty after all the cooking, but I am so glad that I stayed for most of it.
And so today...bill paying, kitchen cleaning, laundry washing, and hopefully the aforementioned musical reorganization. So much for goof off day!

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