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Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004

I haven't been writing to you for the past couple of days because I got the Alice Cooper Brutally Live DVD and I've been busy. Absorbing. Hee.
So it turns out that it is indeed from the tour I saw in 2000 when I took a posse of boys with me to the AJ Palumbo Center. Since I did not know any of the new Alice music then, and since I was a little pre-occupied with the fact that I was entertaining a posse of boys, I had forgotten much of the concert. But the DVD brought it all back. And plus, Ryan Roxie is the ultimate rock god. Have I mentioned that? Yes, I think I have. At this time he was still sporting the blonde dreads and that coupled with the fact that he bounces around the stage like a mexican jumping bean makes him look like a muppet. A very sexual muppet. Oh my that's dirty.
In the middle of the show he changes out of his brown leather flight suit into a chainmail shirt, which is stunning. AND THEN, at the end of the show, he just takes the damn thing off. The cameraperson is very thoughtful about zeroing in on his delightful tummy. (ok, I know that the camera person is intending to zero in on his guitar playing skills. Which are equally fascinating) The difficulty is that I did indeed manage to jack up my speaker in some manner, and of course it just happens to be the channel in which Roxie's guitar appears. So thus far I have only been able to hear ghostly echoes of what he is playing. But soon that will change.
So, today is Indian Feast followed by Marc Bolan Birthday Bash. I still have not decided what to wear besides the boa and top hat. And I can't really just go like that. I bought a thrilling sequined jumpsuit at a consignment shop the other day, but it was made for someone shorter and smaller than I so that's out. I hope I can find some deserving small person to give it to. I'll cook something up, in between rolling out the rotis and making the mango chutney.
OK, time to move on to the Quizzle to make some stuff. Happy Marc Bolan's birthday to you!

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