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Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004

It's Indian Feast day, and I remain eternally hopeful. That I'll get a crowd. I feel really bad for anybody who doesn't come tonight because I made some SUPER PIMPY bell pepper pakoras, and also the most amazing milk fudge balls. This is a thing the Krishnas call Simply Wonderfuls which are little balls of butter, sugar, and milk powder. They make you feel soooo dirrrty when you eat them but then you remember that it's okay because they are Krishna's Mercy. So go on and have more!! I know I will.
After Indian Feast Herbie and I are scheduled to head down to the Sa Side to see the almighty OPD. I'm really looking forward to that! Also Black Tie Revue, who I don't think I have ever seen. Should be good---and plus, COCKTAILS!
Yesterday was a total dark day of the soul for me. I woke up with a pain in my foot(completely inexplicable, and it hasn't completely gone away yet) and hobbled to the QS, only to find that the chairs were all still up. Luckily, the cleaning dude was there, just napping, so I woke him up and we took down the chairs. Only to realize that there was NO BARISTA. So I had to sling coffee for half an hour until the barista got there. (he hit the snooze SEVEN TIMES. But he did apologize, so I didn't have to give him the icy stare all day) Then the partner came in and hit me with a big ball of negative energy. It just wasn't cool, the way he said what he said, and I was near tears for the rest of the morning. I got out of there as fast as I could and came home and fumed a bit, talked to Herbie which helped, and put the clothes back in the dryer to see if they would get dry. (I had tried to dry them the day before and they did not dry--I assumed I had overloaded the thing) Checked the mail--no expense check, which means no rent paid. Checked the dryer--clothes still wet. Dryer is broken and has now eaten two dollars worth of quarters for nothing. I brought up my stupid junkmail and my wet clothes and decided to put myself down for a nap before I lost it. Got a call from my honeygirl--she was also having a shitty day, but before we could commiserate much she had to go help somebody. So I set my alarm for my nap and was just getting to sleep when the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anybody but you never know when Jimmy Page is going to show up and ask you to go and live in a castle with him in England so I went to answer it. It was (and I am not making this up) Jehovah's Witnesses. I let them get as far as "I'm Elder thisinthat, and this is Elder Soandso" before I waived them away and slammed the door. They were trying to talk to me THROUGH THE DOOR, but I just went back up the stairs and finally cried. Was just drifting off to sleep again when the phone rang and it was Herbie telling me that the night cook was stranded on Rt 80 with a flat tire. I was whiny and unhelpful at first, but eventually I got myself together, took a shower, went to the store to get some supplies, and headed down to the Quizzle myself. Ended up selling almost $80 worth of pasta and getting a lot of prep done for tonight, and by the end of the night I was feeling much better.(Although I did have to deal with the fact that someone stole an almost full pack of cigarettes right off the counter while I was in the kitchen--I'm still incredulous) I talked to a few people I haven't talked to in a while and it was great, and then some girls brought in a hookah with peach flavored tobacco and people were enjoying quiet music and coffee and taking turns on the hookah and it was a calm atmosphere. I was just about to scoot out the door when my honeygirl appeared and whisked me off to the Sharp Edge for beers and coversation with some filmmaker boys. That was really really fun, and by the end of the night the terror had completely vanished. Today I have gotten a lot accomplished, and tonight will be good, and even if my check doesn't come today we are getting a catering check in the near future so that should help. AND, I'm on brunch Sunday, so I'll have a little more walkin around money. Everything is coming around.
Think good thoughts!

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