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Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004

Good morning crisp October day! This morning I got so into the fall weather. I made Southwestern Tortilla Soup and then Split Pea with Rice, and the bakerman was baking bread too so there were countless wonderous smells coming from the kitchen. Right now there are wonderous smells coming from my building somewhere too---someone in here bakes bread. I want to know who it is and if they will be my friend. Or maybe I should just conquer my FEAR OF YEAST and start baking bread myself. It's been years, dears.
Sunday night I dyed my hair witchyblack for the fall. I also chopped some big hunks out of it after watching the Brutally Live video again and wanting to have a more cooperydo. At first I thought the chopping was a mistake, but then wonderously whilst Herbie and I were going to town on the QS basement yesterday we found a full bottle of Fructis hairspray. Which is now doing wonders for my cooperydo. Tralala.
I am enjoying fall so much that I hardly have any emotional space left to worry about my finances! Thank the goddess. This morning I was once again being enchanted by the Cortland apples I bought the other day. They really are the most gorgeous apples I can imagine. Even more gorgeous than my beloved Romes. Then as I walked home I was falling in love with the leaves on the ground. Yes, I'm a big ole flake, but fall makes me that way.
So, has anyone invented a name yet for the special kind of carpal-tunnel of the thumb resulting from laptop computers? I've got a bad case of it in my right thumb, the one used for right clicking and occaisional space bar. Hmm. I've only recently delved seriously into right clicking though, so maybe it's just sore from getting a work out it's never had. Time will tell.

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