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Thursday, Oct. 14, 2004

I so need to be making pakoras right now, but I feel like I have to say something about the debates last night.
What I have to say is: how creepy is it that Bush and Kerry were dressed exactly the same?!? Same color suit, same red with white polka dot tie, same white shirt, same flag pin on same lapel. I have been searching the interweb to see if there is any mention of whether or not they were TOLD to dress the same to level the playing field, sorta like the podium/split screen shots were altered so Kerry did not appear so much more statuesque than Bushie. Frankly, I think Bushie looked a lot better in the smart blue ensemble he wore at the first debate. But not so good as I would have voted for him.
Other than the creepy clothing similarity, I don't have much to say about it. I wasn't terribly impressed and I didn't learn anything new. I'm glad the moderator guy asked the question about homosexuality being a choice, and I'm glad that Bushie froze, but I don't think that will make any difference to anyone who has already made up their mind to vote for him.
I was deeply troubled by the gay marriage issue in this respect: Bushie kept talking about his tax relief and how he reduced the marriage penalty and that was so good for all Americans. However, it is so not helpful to the Americans who do not fall within his (and, unfortunately, Kerry's) narrow definition of marriage. There are millions of Americans who will never have the opportunity to take advantage of that particular "freedom". It seems like such a logical inconsistency to me to try to make a case for what a good job you are doing helping out the middle class but at the same time fighting tooth and nail to prevent those benefits from ever being available to millions of people. And it's not just gay people---there are plenty of us wh are unmarried and probably will remain that way.
And now for something completely different(for me to bitch about): I have recently read two reviews of Alice Cooper shows where the writer makes a big deal about the show being Anti-feminist. One person went so far as to say that this sort of entertainment should not be allowed.
Harrumph. Have these people never heard of greek tragedy? Do they not know what cartharsis is all about? As a feminist, seeing an Alice Cooper show is all about the reward of seeing the evil deeds punished. Sure, Alice kills the girl, and throws her around the stage and defiles her corpse and all that, but THEN HE GETS HIS HEAD CUT OFF. Or he gets electrocuted, or hung, or at the very least he gets sent away to rot in an institution. And then he feels remorse and he sings "Only Women Bleed" and it is clear that the character has learned the error of his ways. As a feminist, this is the kind of thing that I want, even NEED, to see. Millions of women are brutalized by men every day and no retribution is made, to say nothing of a sense that the evildoer has come to some understanding that what he has done is wrong.
To say that the Alice Cooper Show is antifeminist is so simplistic it makes me want to spit. Alice Cooper(the real life man, as opposed to the character he plays on stage) is very very smart, and very very sensitive, and knows what he is doing. It's classic greek tragedy, and if you don't immediately throw up your PC blinders it can have an incredibly cathartic effect.
The end.

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