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Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004

Well now, finally something I can post about---Alice Cooper added me as a friendster! I was seriously starting to fret, considering how I managed to get Marc Bolan to add me as a Friendster, and he's dead. Now the only holdout on my make believe rock star friendster list is Jimmy Page. But I know Jimmy is really busy..umm...doing Jimmy Page things. All in due time.
Since I last wrote to you I have been smacking down hard on my clutter, to very good effect. I managed to find the 2002 tax forms and as far as I can tell, I did somehow not claim my pension and annuity pay out on my tax forms. However, this truly puzzles me, as I found the forms all banded together and I distinctly remember waiting to file until I got those forms. And, I don't distinctly remember trying to get over on the IRS, which you would think I would remember. I'm puzzled...I have another two weeks to respond so I am going to try to figure out exactly what the hell went down before I do.
Other than tax hell, I cleared a big dance floor space in the room, put a lot more stuff into the kitchen and bathroom, hung up my boas and scarves, and put a ton of stuff into the filing cabinet. People, I'm beaming, I'm so proud of myself. Today Handyman Honeygirl came and put plastic up on my windows, changed the lightbulb in the entryway, and fixed my stereo speaker. I like to take control of my environment in whatever ways I can, and it helps to have a Handyman to do it.
I am now passively pursuing additional employment...passively as in I haven't actually done anything about it, but I have decided it's the right thing to do. Tomorrow I am meeting at the Lava Lounge regarding a tarot gig, and I think I am going to drop bartender for hire hints. It can't hurt. I swear, after the marathon of mojito making I underwent on Friday I feel like I would be a damn fine bartendress. And the bartendin types, they get PAID. I am trying to think of other places to drop those hints, as well as other semi occaisional employment I could search for. I don't want to get myself all involved in a 30 hour workweek on top of the QS, but 20 hours a week I think I could happily do. And I am also working on the start of my rock journalism career in the form of a feminist appreciation of Alice Cooper. (my friendster) I don't imagine such a thing has been done before, but I just don't know where to market such a thing. And as Halloween is fast approaching, I feel like I need to do it soon or the opportunity will pass. At least until his new album comes out in spring and people start paying some attention again.
I am also starting to think seriously about writing a book on slash fiction. I find it hard to believe that this has not already been done, but I guess it's possible. I'll start looking.
One way or another, I'll get these damn bills paid! Mark my words.

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