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Saturday, Oct. 23, 2004

It's nearly 8pm and I have decided that I am not going out tonight. I was scheduled to go see what looks like a fantastic film at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Brother to Brother, but I just don't think I have it in me to get out and appreciate gay film tonight. I have a whole day of gay film ahead of me tomorrow, and I had a big night of ROCK AND ROLL last night, and I have some laundry in. So it's a night in with the internet and maybe "Waking Life", which a friend just loaned me.
This friend is my old assistant manager from the bookstore, who I haven't seen for what--almost two years? We got in touch via the almightly interweb and met for coffee yesterday. It was a marathon afternoon of talking about art and politics, and it was great fun. He also loaned me the Guy Maddin film of Dracula, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I think I'll watch that again too. Anyway, I'm really glad to have gone out of my way to reconnect with someone--I should do that more often.
Speaking of reconnecting, Herbie kicked me in the ass and got me to go out for GrungeCon04 last night, and I am SO GLAD she did. As I expected, I barely knew any of the songs ("Plush" by STP and "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains being the exceptions) but it was so great to be in the Pub, see Joel, watch great music and drink Budweiser in true grunge fashion. I also saw and talked to a lot of my favorite rocker boys whom I haven't seen in ages, and that was very renewing. I fantasized about Glam Rock 2005 and heard plans for Monster Cabaret at Eastertime....good times.
Yesterday I also got an email that Roxie 77 will be playing an official post CD release show in the LA area on Nov 6th. I of course can't be there, but the fact that it is happening made me awfully glad. I sent Roxie a good luck email and he wrote back in his typical sweetiepie fashion--he's like the freakin Jimmy Carter of rock and roll.(although I believe he's sinned outside of his heart...)
I'll do anything for that man. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a cult or something..but it's so great to have that DEVOTED ROCK FAN feeling again, and to feel like I'm in on the ground floor of something big. I'll keep ya posted.
Time to go cook some chicken.

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