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Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004

New favorite thing in the whole world:

The Dark Nightmare.
1 part kaluha, 1 part goldschlager, 1 part cream. Over ice, preferrably starshaped and in a smoky goblet.

Ah, fall.

New biggest obsession:
finding out if Ryan Roxie was at the San Francisco Exotic Erotic Fetish Ball playing with Glamnation. According to the Exotic Erotic website, Glamnation was going on at 10:30pm. According to the Alice Cooper tour schedule, there was a big rock show at some casino in vegas the same night. Hard to imagine Roxie bailing on Alice to play at the fetish ball, Let me just say that if I find out that I missed Ryan playing my favorite glam tunes while being surrounded by hot people in leather and PVC, not to mention Dennis Rodman, Two Live Crew and Everclear, I will be very, very depressed indeed.
I've left messages on message boards trying to find out but so far no answer. I may end up just emailing Roxie himself to clear this up.
Right now I really need to put it out of my mind and get down to making shopping lists and a new what do you know about witchcraft? quiz for the weekend.
This week has been all about remembering who I was years ago. I uncovered boxes of journals and writings from several stages of my life and have been having a ball going through them. Favorite find was a very very dirty story I wrote back when I was slavishly(keyword!) devoted to Mace, the Pittsburgh S/M inspired industrial band. My it's dirty, but it's also pretty well written. Maybe I should get myself a pen name and try to make some dirty money.....

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