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Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004

Oh children, what a long strange day it's been.
Let me first of all report on the aftermath of My Dark Nightmare: I woke up at 3:30am on my futon with the witch quiz I was working on laying next to me, all the lights in the house on, and a screaming headache. This has not so much turned me off of My Dark Nightmare as it has prompted me to be better prepared for the aftermath in the future. Seriously, this cocktail is delicious and worth every second of skullsplitting and deadline missing and energy wasting.
I got the witch quiz done and it's cool. I got the shopping done and made a pimpy Indian Feast which was enjoyed by more than ever before with lots of accompanying yummy sounds. Which was good, because the day today was throwing everything it had at me to spiral into depression. There's a ridiculous money issue which I don't want to delve into right now. It made me wait around at the QS for longer than I wanted, and then when I gave up I realized there were things I was supposed to do at the QS that I hadn't done, so I ended up being there even longer. And then I had to go to Whole Foods for chapatis, which is just it's own special brand of hell. Sure, it's a good store with great products. But the customers just make me cranky. Then I got home and started to frying things but I had to be back at the QS at 3ish to organize a catering thing, so I didn't get all my frying done. So the banana fritters turned into banana pudding. No one was the wiser and it was just damn delicious the way it was. The catering thing was easy to get together and the neighborhood academy poetry slam was fun(though very, very, very loud) and so that helped. But on the downside there was more bad news about one of our local crazy people, which I can't stop thinking about. The fact that one of our employees is fearing for her safety and that of her child, and all the police and the mental health institutions have to say about it is "we can't do anything until he actually hurts someone or himself" just burns me up. There seems to be a reprieve now at least for a while. But it just depresses me to think about how screwed up the system is. Really.
Tried to watch "Waking Life" last night--fell asleep. I think I need to try to watch it in the broad daylight, with coffee.

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