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Friday, Nov. 05, 2004

When one is feeling at a loss over how to cope with the turning tides of rampant conservatism in one's country, a nice thing to do is to wash the dishes with Appetite For Destruction cranked really loud.
Nice, that is, until one runs out of dish soap and then it becomes apparent that one will have to leave the house.
I think it's interesting that I have wanted to listen to nothing else since I got the tape at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I keep intending to put on a CD or a record or something, but once I get over to the stereo I just flip the tape, again and again.
It's kind of like trying to return to my misspent youth, except for the fact that I wasn't really into GnR in my youth.
So it's more like trying to reclaim a misspent youth that I never had in the first place.
Got some laundry in and plan to vacuum later, then go to the south side for friday night tarot madness at the Lava Lounge. Hope to make some decent dollars so I can feel more human over the weekend.
Didn't score the big catering gig, but I did get a lead on a good part time occasional job that might work out.
Fingers crossed.
Wishing I could go to Alice Cooper's restaurant in Cleveland tomorrow night, as he will no doubt be there before the Guitarmania auction at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame where he will be a celebrity auctioneer. They won't induct him, but they'll accept his charity work. Nice. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my HG is working this weekend so probably no go. Sigh. Sure could go for some BillionDollarBabyBackRibs right about now....

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