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Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004

Hello people!
Sorry if you stopped in earlier and wondered what in the sam hill that devil mask business was all about. Last night my highschoolbuddy and I went on a date with 1986--we went to see Robyn Hitchcock. He was every bit as dreamy and funny and *dirty* as I remembered. I had feared that he would have mellowed considerably, but as luck would have it, no. Lovely. He did not play my favorite song ("I Often Dream of Trains") but he did play my buddy's favorite ("Flavour of Night") while he was doing his encores at the grand piano in the lobby of the theater. What a showman! He sang lots of old stuff, including most if not all of his songs about ambiguous sexuality(hooray!), but only two songs about tomatoes. That was somewhat of a disappointment. Glad I was not playing the Robyn Hitchcock drinking game. (I could have gotten totally plastered on the words love and death though. Some things never change)
In other news, I am the #1 yahoo search result for HEADACHE FROM 3 BEERS even though what I actually wrote was headache from two beers. Hopefully that little mix up didn't cost me tons of potential readership(not to mention rock cred!)
I seriously need to get my ass in gear--go shopping for nutritional yeast and cauliflower, and then make some deep fried mashed potato balls. Oh, you wish you were coming to the Indian Feast now, don't you? I can't imagine anything more alluring than deep fried mashed potato balls.....

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