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Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004

Heavens to Betsey! I am becoming one of those once weekly diaryland types! I heartily apologize, my dear readers. I don't really have an excuse.
I'm not going to attempt a recap of the 6 days since I last wrote, but I will mention that I went to the Carnegie International. It was lame.
I kept waiting for my breath to be taken away by an object of beauty but nope. The closest I came was the tiny ornate objects of Kathy Butterly---her little things reminded me of the little things that live in the landscapes of Yves Tanguy. That was very nice. Otherwise, I was heartily underwhelmed. Most of the art that I saw at Making a Scene a couple of years ago hit me harder than anything in this exhibit. I'm just real glad I didn't pay to go.
So I've been completely obsessed with Guy Maddin now---his films look to me like what film should look like. I have yet to see "The Saddest Music in the World" but I am sure that I will love it with all my heart and soul--I mean, Isabella's in it, right? What's not to love?
Otherwise, lots of working in the kitchen. Building a better muffin was my project this week, and I think I've figured it out. I made some glorious cheddar scallion and banana walnut muffins that were displayed attractively and are being gobbled up. Hoorah! Also made some pretty pimpy macaroon granola. Yum.
I managed to come up with an Indian menu for tomorrow which will be magically delicious and yet require no deep frying and hardly any extraneous shopping. I'm looking forward to going a week without my apartment smelling like the back alley behind Burger King.
And finally, I have discovered cinnamon toast. I don't know if you've ever had cinnamon toast, but I highly recommend it. I discover cinnamon toast about once a year and when I do it's like I've never had anything so delicious. I remember when I first moved to Pittsburgh my housemate and I first bonded over cinnamon toast. We had a toaster oven and we used to broil those suckers until it was practically a caramel crust up in there. Good times.
So today when I was in the strip in search of the WORLD'S LARGEST PLASTIC SALAD BOWL WITH LID, I made sure to pick up some delicious butter and a loaf of french bread for further cinnamon toasty delights. I also got some black diamond(!) canadian cheddar so when I am not enjoying cinnamon toast I can enjoy the other most wonderous comfort food--cheese on bread. It doesn't get any better than that, folks.

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