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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004

Well, I was just about to get off the computer without updating AGAIN but then "Hard Luck Woman" came up on the randomizer, and there ain't no way I'm turning this off! So, I present you with a little update:
Tomorrow is Orphan's Thanksgiving2004. Jeffy claims it is the 13th annual but I think that's stretching it a bit. I know we've done a bunch, going all the way back to the Turmoil Room days of mushroom tea and giant luminous letters and tin foil fashion shows. Then there were a few at the Rickety House with mashed potato volcanoes and giant pans of mac and cheese and late night thespianship, and then we moved to Jeffy's with Stan and millions of cigarettes smoked and digital photos taken and Forbidden Zone, and after a diversion at Herbie's last year, we are back in the hood. We got the Thanksgiving shopping done so quickly and effortlessly that I was stunned. I had to go back and get a few more things today (including BACON. My lord, if there aren't going to be any vegans eating with us there's going to be BACON in the stuffing!!) and Jeffy is going on a quest for the magical Elephant Malt Liquor tonight. Last year we couldn't find it and I was sad, but this year it seems like there is going to be more wine than anyone knows what to do with so if there isn't any Elephant I think I'll cope.
Stan is very excited to get dressed up and meet some new people, and see his dad and his step sister Midori the taxidermied squirrel again. I'm looking forward to bungeecording the turkey into Jeff's turn of the century oven again. I'm looking forward to meeting and flirting with a slew of indie rock boys. I'm looking forward to drinking expensive wine and eating pimpy stinky cheese. I'm looking forward to snuggling on the couch and watching Urgh a Music War. Thanksgiving is my second favorite drinking holiday (after Marc Bolan's birthday) and I can't wait to take advantage of it! Happy Day to You!

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