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Friday, Nov. 26, 2004

Post Turkey Wrap Up 2004
Recovering quite nicely from a day of homemade wine, beer(no elephant again! yeungling will suffice), granny smith apple and pomegranate and vodka drinks, many Marlboro Milds, waaaay too much food, Urgh and Forbidden and the crazy tiny filthy dancing Brazillian man, lots and lots and lots of laughs. Good times.
No bacon in the stuffing. It turned out that some vegetarians showed up and I didn't want to ruin their holiday with the bacony smell, since they were already having to deal with Jeff's Smoke-a-rama. (seriously, you put two smokers in that house and it's like the Richfield Coliseum after the Robert Plant concert in put five or six smokers in there and send non smokers gasping to the front porch in the SNOW for air!) Yes, there was snow off and on all day. It made the inside extra warm and cheery, and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with the antique oven(we settled on duct tape instead of bungee cord and it seemed to work fine)bothering the turkey too much, I think. It took a long time to get brown on top but it did finally, and was fantastically crispy and buttery and moist inside. I couldn't be prouder. This year there were apples and oranges in everything that could possibly have apples and oranges in it. Jeffy smashed the potatoes with extra sour cream and butter, yum. Paul brought a giant container of salsa and box of chips. We had everything bagel chips and chikinabiscuit with easy cheese, miniature chocolate bars and cocoa rum balls. I orchestrated green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. The crescent rolls were baby shaped this year in honor of the Huggies commercial. Cute quiet Mike brought a case of homemade wine from his father's wine cellar, and took our good natured ribbing about it good naturedly. (quality control was off with this batch, he said several times throughout the night) By the time it was time to eat we had three extra guests for dinner, and they all filled their plates. It was lovely feasting off the painted hospital guerney. Doug brought the promised pimpy Zin and we enjoyed it quickly. Erin brought a peanut butter pie. Later Beth and Dan showed up with a Gourmet Pumpkin Pie with Topping. The indie rock atmosphere became unbearable only a few times, and it was easy for me to escape into the kitchen, where I spent a good half hour tearing every possible piece of flesh from the turkey carcass. Everything into baggies, Jeffy washed up and by the time I was being chauffered home at midnight it was all clean. Hooray!
Jeffy and I wished on the wishbone he saved from Thanksgiving Orphans2002--neither one of us got the top. It flew off into the living room. The jury is still out as to whether that means we both get our wish, or neither of us do.
Either way, I got my wish for a happy turkey day. And that's good enough for me.

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