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Wednesday, Dec. 01, 2004

So, we've come to the saddest day. Today is World AIDS Day, when we think about all the people we have lost to the disease, all the people we don't know who are still dying in thousands every day, and all the money that was promised to help with medicines and research that is being diverted into our war on terrorism.
Also, it would have been my 13th wedding anniversary, which still makes me a little sad. Despite the fact that I am happy with how my life is going now. It still makes me sad that I pledged to spend my life with someone through thick and thin but it just didn't work out that way.
Also, it's the day I remember George Harrison, because yesterday I was so damn busy all day that I totally forgot. So today I will listen to George records and have a little cry. I deserve it.
However, I recently learned that besides all these things, it is also Ryan Roxie's birthday. So there's something to celebrate on this day as well. How very Zen.

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