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Friday, Dec. 03, 2004

Still on the Lenny kick--augmented by the Chocolate Genius. I still can't figure out why this is happening, but I am not going to question feeling like it's time to listen to smooth voiced African Americans.
Yesterday I totally forgot to wear a bra to work. I walked all the way there carrying a load of stuff I had fried (Thursday being my Fry-day, ha ha ha) and I got into the kitchen and took off my coat and hat and scarf but left my sweater on, and then I started down the stairs to get the mung beans and DANG! the flopping was undeniable. I don't really know why it's not a biggie for me to cook braless at home but feel completely exposed and vulnerable at work, but I immediately tied on the heaviest duty apron I have available. It still wasn't enough. Of course no one would have noticed or cared but I felt compelled to TELL everyone about it. It made for a stragely self conscious evening.
More people than in recent memory came out for the feast last night, but not enough. I'm thinking that I need to change it when we change the night to Saturday, but I'm not sure what to do instead. Time to put on the ole thinkin cap. What I really want is for the Quiet Storm to be magically transformed into Moosewood, but I know that ain't gonna happen. So I need to take some baby steps.
Today is going to be a jam packed day, what with shopping for tins and wrapping paper, reading tarot cards, attending the art opening of my pals Shreck and Baker, and attending the birthday rawkout for Herbie at the Quizzle. I am looking forward to it in a big way. Also looking forward to cleaning up bigtime, getting ready to christmastize my tiny apartment, and making some giftie mix CDs for friends. Cuz as we all know, I ain't got no scratch. Hope everyone is ready for a Very Rob Zombie Christmas!

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