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Wednesday, Dec. 08, 2004

Huge sigh of relief day--the rent is paid! CMU came through with the check much quicker than I expected them to. Now I get to settle into the task of making 200 cocoa rum balls without the bitterness of not knowing when I would ever be paid for them.
In other catering news, if we could clone ouselves we could have made about $800 this weekend! Unfortunately, two events in one weekend on top of regular restaurant shifts and other social obligations is about all we can handle. Also, who waits until three days before the event to try to figure out what to do about food? Seriously. I would be really ashamed to wander into a place and boldfacedly ask for 100 potstickers in three days. I guess alot of places might have them all frozen up in the storage---we're a fresh as you go spot, baby. Oh well.
The other day I got a jewelry catalog in the mail. It contains, no lie, $54,000 Cartier watches. I laughed uproariously at the poor schmuck who was in charge of marketing this particular catalog. Someone obviously didn't do their research. It was addressed to me, so they got my name from somewhere. Seriously, if I was going to buy something for $54,000, it would be a HOUSE.
I am currently ignoring a tightening in the throat and sniffling in the head feeling. I am far far too busy for any sort of sickness. I have rum ball mania today, indian mania tomorrow, tarot mania friday, catering and holiday party mania on saturday, and staff meeting and LUPEC meeting mania on sunday. NO time for sniffles!

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