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Saturday, Dec. 11, 2004

The temperature is dropping. Snow is on the way. Time to break out the silver tinsel tree. Time to make the season bright and gay.
Last night I felt very gay indeed, when a bunch of lugheads walked in to the bar and proceeded to try to make their peepees bigger with a lot of "ladies!" talk. I just frowned and wished that they didn't exist. I become very much a fan of separatism in these moments. My highschoolbuddy handled them with aplomb, thank goodness.
Other than the crowd of beasties, last night was a great success. The MEDIA arrived at Friday Night Tarot Happy Hour just as I was doing a reading for a very friendly guy named Chett. I totally wowed him, and so his total WOW got recorded for posterity, or at least for an article in the Trib PM which will come out on Monday. He loved me so much that he insisted I be in the photo with him and his friend for the paper. He gave me lots of hugs and petting. It was nice.
All the readings went very well, and a couple of my favorite ladies came out to support us, which was really, really nice. One of them volunteered to be my 10 card spread guinea pig in exchange for baked goods. I love the barter economy, oh yes I do.
The rum balls all got done, and I stacked them into a tree shape on a cut-plastic tray and topped them with a festive bow. Hope the CMU kids appreciated that.
Today is setting up for the 20 four year old birthday party, and then running away to Bucca for the bookstore holiday party. I see much pasta in my future. Tonight I hope to get some cleaning done in preparation for the imminent Christmastizing of my tiny home.
Tomorrow will be about staff meeting and LUPEC meeting. Monday I will redouble my efforts to make Breadworks pay attention to me. I really don't understand why someone would not return the phonecalls of someone who desperately wanted to GIVE THEM MONEY ON A REGULAR BASIS. Seriously.
I think the laundry is done. Dishwasher apron freshly washed, on to the Quizzle I go.

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