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Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2004

Today was a real weird day. First of all, my furnace does not seem to be working. Same shit, different apartment. I was going to call the landlord today but I got carried away with other things.
At breakfast today a really sweet older gentleman came in for coffee. I fell in love with him and wanted him to be my grampa, and then he asked me about the new years eve supper. I told him it would be a gourmet vegetarian supper but the menu was not yet set. "Oh no, I gotta have my pork on New Years" grampa said "Although I don't have anybody to have it with." I fought back the tears. Poor grampa! He was really so sweet, and he finished his coffee and said he would come back and see me another morning. I decided then and there that we need to have seitan roast and saurkraut for new years supper--not for grampa, cuz he'll want the real thing, but for the other people who might want a little tradition. I talked to one of our cooks about the mysteries of seitan. I am psyched to go through the seventeen step process to make it.
Then there was some weirdness with LUPEC--we seem to be going through our three year growing pains. LUPEC isn't really a business, but in some ways it is and it's pretty normal for a business or organization to have some three year growing pains. I'm sure we'll all get through it and everything will be stronger and better.
Also did a lot of thinking about glamrock2005. I'm still thinking. By this time last year a lot of groundwork was already laid and I have been thinking that I just don't have the concentration to pull it off this year..but maybe I should just put it off for a month and try to pull it together. It WAS one of the best nights ever, and I think the second time around could even top it. But I don't want to do a half assed production. I guess I'll send out the feelers and see what happens.
Then, as I watched the Simpsons and leafed through cookbooks looking for recipes for the new Saturday night dinnerparty, I got a phonecall from an unknown number that ended up being the manager of the bookstore I worked at in the bronx. She is an enormously highstrung individual and I had a really hard time trying to figure out exactly what the hell she was talking about. Turns out(I think) that she needs help and two people suggested me. She was NOT supposed to be calling me, someone else was, but she just thought she'd call and "answer any questions I might have." Umm..the first question is WTF? I don't think there is any chance I am going to go to the Bronx in JANUARY, especially with all the things I have going on in my life. And the way I got pretty damn screwed in the long run last time. I feel really bad for her, and my urge to help out is strong, but despite the fact that I can't pay my bills and could use the money, I REALLY LOVE MY JOB and I want to stay where I am. Broken furnace or no. She started going on about "So you could maybe come the second week of January?" in a sort of hysterical voice and I said "I really don't think so." It was bizarre.
So now I am settling in to cd recording mode. This weekend promises to be so chock full of parties my head is going to explode!

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