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Thursday, Jan. 06, 2005

Ack! Just when I thought I would have a full on VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY, I got some kind of weird tongue ulceration that completely and totally incapacitated me. Seriously. I spent most of the morning laying on the couch, then I fell asleep, then I finally got myself dressed at around 3pm because the one thing that I HAD to do yesterday was pay the rent.
So I strapped on my new mossy oak waterproof thinsulate boots(Xmas prezzie from my honeygirl!) and my old navy quilted rainjacket(from the thrift store, $9.99) and my yellow and green muppet-stylee hat, glove and scarf set(xmas prezzie from the little sisters) and set out the door. With the world's smelliest garbage in hand to boot. That was the other thing I had to do yesterday--get rid of the garbage which contained items from the refrigerator I had disposed of on Saturday while defrosting. Eww, it was gross. But it's gone now.
I splashed in as many puddles as I could find, since my boots are waterproof and thinsulate. It was a lot of fun. I made my way down to the landlord and had a nice little convo with my agent--he asked me how business was and when I told him about the brick through the window on Christmas, he said that the same thing had happened at Tazza D'Oro. Honestly, that made me feel a little better. From the landlord I went to Ekerd in search of hairdye and mouth numbing medication. While there, I decided to reward myself for quitting smoking with a new eyeliner. I spent about 20 minutes deciding on hairdye, and another 15 deciding on eyeliner. I *think* I made the right decision on both counts. Then I went to the mouth numbing medication aisle and found these little medicated swabs on sale. Cool! As soon as I had gotten out of the store I broke into the package and it is actually little tiny pockets of mouth numbing gel with individually packaged swabs. The set up is very much like a lip gloss sample, which could be dangerous. Maybe that's why they were on sale.
In any case, afterward I went to the Giant Eagle to see about eating. I was very tempted to go to Boston Market or Wendy's but I was lured in by marie callender's microwave entrees. Four for $6.00. Yee haw.
When I got home, I thought I would launch into a whirlwind of activity. Instead I swabbed my mouth and fell asleep. I woke up now and again throughout the evening, but for the most part I was asleep from about 7:30pm to 4am this morning. Crikey. I think the headcold has not really given up it's hold on me yet.
Today, however, will hold major productivity. I have already washed most of the dishes, and I have quarters a plenty for laundry. I gotta finish up some xmas things and head to the post office, and then hopefully tonight I will be taken out to dinner by my guitarartist. La la la.

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