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Saturday, Jan. 08, 2005

Launch completely uncranky and complain-free diary entry:
Hi! I am feeling mega good today! Here are some reasons--
*got some money(not nearly enough to really make a dent, but it felt good to actually WRITE A CHECK for a BILL)
*completed and mailed gifts to my sissy in boston, despite the fact that she is coming to visit in two weeks(it's a pride thing)
*went out to dinner at the Awesome Aussie Rib Barbecue place with my guitarartist. Neither of us ate ribs. We had beers and cigarettes and big sandwiches and shrimp off the barbie and we hoarded wet naps and toothpicks and we had some lovely, lovely conversation. Won't someone please marry this jewel of a man??
*completed gifts for my highschoolbuddy, although I was unable to deliver them to her last night as she had to duck out of tarot due to hives.
*Had a productive breakfast yesterday, a productive afternoon, lunch with my honeygirl at the ethernopian restaurant(the chicken was TOO GOOD!!!) and made $15 at tarot reading. Plus, free dirty skky martini and "Beth" on the jukebox. I love Del.
*Will spend today completing the last of the holiday gifts, changing my sheets, and vacuuming. This makes me happy.
*Heard "Dragula" on the radio last night. Words cannot express the joy this brings me. You will just have to witness it someday.
*Gay porn! No really--gay porn!!!!!!

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