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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005

So another JimmyPagemas has come and gone. How did you celebrate? I woke up early and found a really amazing portrait of Mr Page for my computer desktop. It appears to be from either late yardbirds or early zep, and he is posed on a stool in a leather jacket and velvet pants, looking pensive. It's black and white and gorgeous all over. Makes me smile every time the computer comes on.
I took what meagre Led Zep CDs I have left after the various heroin heists in to the restaurant for listening to in the kitchen while I prepped brunch. Unfortunately, the kitchen boombox did not like any one of them. All skippy. So I gave in and put on KROCK which obliged me with at least one Zep per hour on top of the Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, Metallica. I love that station!
After brunch was done I went to the liquor store and bought my first ever bottle of Jack Daniels. Seriously, me and whiskey make strange bedfellows but I felt it was my duty to honor him in that way. Then went to the grocery store to get some coke as I was not going to honor him straight up. Had a pimpy garlic shrimp pasta dinner and jack and cokes and watched The Song Remains The Same.
Happy Birthday Jimmy.
Now it's time to start figuring out what I am going to do for Alice's birthday on the 4th of Feb. Maybe I'll have to buy my very first bottle of VO, Alice's whiskey of choice back in the olden times. VO has a very charming and highly ironic tagline in this context--"VO--it's what men do. (act like men, of course)" Unless you are Alice Cooper, in which case you act like some deranged sociopath. I love it. Soon my collection of barely sipped bottles of whiskey will take up an entire shelf!

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