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Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005

Go Nova, it's your birthday...
well, not quite yet. Almost. The major celebratin is going on tonight with a giant meat feast! There's this Brazilian restaurant which features something called the churrasco which means that you sit down and men bring you roasted meat on swords until you beg them to stop. My honeygirl and I went there for valentine's day last year and have been wanting to go back ever since.
So a little group of us are heading out tonight for more meat than we can shake a fork at, and caipirhinas, and maybe even feijoada. Oooh, yes.
Tomorrow, the actual birthday, is going to feature breakfasting, making of mock crab cakes and baked beans, and pear-walnut-blue cheese salad, and tarot card reading, and then the arrival of sissy and her GF. Woo woo woo! Saturday we lay around luxuriously, maybe get up and go for Ethiopian lunch, then I go back to serve the crab cakes et al. Sunday I do brunch and THEN we trek out to Dormont and watch the football game with my father. That will be something else. I am so going to make sure I have my own beer. Sissy's GF thinks it will be FUN to root for the Patriots in my father's house---we'll just have to see. Maybe we'll be chased out early.
The greatest birthday gift of all is undoubtably a NEW BED, courtesy of my honeygirl. It's been so long since I've been on an actual bed that I had completely forgotten what it was like. It's nice.
In honor of the new bed and visit from the sisters my apartment is in the best state it's been since I moved here. Even washed ALL AVAILABLE SHEETS AND TOWELS for the occasion. I feel like a domestic rock star.
Time to send some catering emails and get ready for the meatfeast. Catch ya on the flip!

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