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Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005

Oh happy day!
It's just a little before 8am, and there is a big massive SUN shining in through the plastic on my windows. SUN, people! It is casting a beautiful diffused glow over my new bed. It is combining with the strong morning coffee to put me in a killer fabulous mood.
I'm gearing up to start my day. First, put away laundry. Then, retrieve other laundry from dryer, put away. Shower with cucumber melon bath products. Rig up CD walkperson with birthday Cd from sis. Go to strip, buy fruits and cheeses and vegetables for catering, and also stop in at lotus for more dumplings, and a new pair of lacquered chopsticks. Head back to the Quizzle to receive Frankferd order and drop off groceries and wrap tofu and maybe even make granola! Then, come home, maybe more laundry, and then, MAGICAL TRIP TO TARGET! My sissy's GF got me a gift card to target because she is the most thoughtful gal of all time. I have started to prepare a wish list: new blades for my mach3 turbo; a metal spatula; a new pillow; kitchen cleaning spray. I will also allow myself one extravagant purchase either in clothing or CD/DVD. I'll have to see what they have. Also, maybe slippers. My ultra cute crocheted slippers are all stretched out.
HEY! She thought suddenly--what if I wash them?
On to the experimental part of the day.
Good day sunshine.

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