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Saturday, Jan. 29, 2005

Glory be, I am hungover.
That's what drinking an entire pitcher of one's own will do. Specially at a very divey dive. Specially coupled with almost an entire pack of camel lights. Ugh.
However, the rock was very special. The Trainables rocked me in a style reminiscent of the 1985. The one two punch of Dan and Jeff was enough to send me sailing back into nostalgialand. And then, out come the big guns in the form of an ELO cover. It's official! All the cool bands are doing it.
Second was Magic Wolf, and although their set was largely chaotic, there were a couple of grinders that I really appreciated. The Roman Drum Agenda was in full force and punishing. However, when I was standing in front of the lead singer later in the evening I heard him having a very offensive conversation and that tempered my overall enjoyment of that particular outfit.
Fangs of the Panda were slightly chaotic as well, but Benji standing up on the speaker cabinet was very cool. And of course they rocked out my favorite tune "Catapult" and it was a herky jerky good time. We left before the end of their set however as I was begining to be very put off by the preponderance of extremely drunken young people. I'm offcially old, I guess.
Long before all that rock and roll I worked a 9 hour day at the Quizzle, doing breakfast and preparing catering and getting ready for supper. I had some very zen moments of chopping in the basement which really made my day. However, I was exhausted enough when all was said and done that I came home and fell on the bed and completely blew off tarot. Zoinks. If I am going to be working six jobs in the upcoming months I am going to have to build some stamina!
I think the key will be gay disco aerobics. Some of my friends do punk rock aerobics; some of my friends do hip hop aerobics. Me, I put on my new Scissor Sisters CD (the winner in the fun purchase category from Target) and bounce around my livingroom. I think I can expand my repetoire with Erasure, Cher, and the remix CD to Open Your Box by Yoko. I'll have the heart rate of a stallion!

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