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Monday, Feb. 07, 2005

Guess what I just did?
No kidding.
I had to pay the phone bill last week because they shut off my internet(ohGAWDNOOOOO!!)and then thanks to the largess of my catering partner I got a little cash influx which I just used to pay the entirety of the electric bill, my monthly tax installment, the last of my old long distance bill, and a little sumthin sumthin for the gas company. I feel like a whole new girl.
I still have a pile of debt to deal with, but some of my debtors are being very nice about trying to work with me. I only wish I could tell them on which date in the future I will again have cash flow. I feel it coming on, between my machinations, increased catering, and some "changes in structure" which I am not at liberty to discuss, but I don't know WHEN. Until such point, I am basking in the joy of having paid the entirety of SOMETHING.
I hope that when the day comes that I can pay bills when I get them I am able to remember these dark days of the soul. So that I can REALLY appreciate the feeling of being able to pay.
I'm off now to drop off the application at Penzey's (THREE days later!) and get some peanut butter for the quizzle. Later I have a catering meeting for an August wedding. Before that I am going to sit on the floor with my wall calendar and my purse calendar and my red marker and my email printout and CREATE ORDER. Also, hopefully before I get home someone will have come to repair my shower, which refuses to provide me with hot water. And yet, I'm still smiling. Glory be.

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