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Friday, Mar. 04, 2005

It's command day!
This day always makes me think of my red headed wonderpriest, from whom I have not heard in way too long. She's gonna be a mom soon...I can't wait!
Better try to track her down, since it's command day and all.
Had a lovely time at the cigar bar the other night with LUPEC and the Leather Daddy. (perhaps we should have a sit com? singing group? major motion picture?) For most of the evening we were engaged in the kinds of community politics and identity building conversations I never have anymore, and it made me wonder if I have turned in to one of the jaded almost fortysomethings who no longer care passionately about anything. I'll have to mull that over. I know I was espousing separatism as a lifestyle choice pretty strongly, but that's easy for me to say as a bisexual woman who never goes out to the bars anyway.
One thing I do care passionately about is the fact that Martin Denny died, and now there will be no more frog sounds. RIP, Martin. Hope you get to spend your eternal days in the Quiet Village.
Better get crackin on the breakfast. First, I have to find my shoes....

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