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Wednesday, Mar. 09, 2005

I'm up early for another lovely sunrise. My optimism for spring is strong despite the fact that it keeps getting dashed by the actual weather. Well, Monday was nice. It was so pleasant that I got myself out of the house early enough to go and buy lots of fruit for the breakfast. It's just a pity that more people didn't come in to eat it, or the lovely vegan soysage gravy I made yesterday. Oh well. Definitely their loss.
So today starts the all out catering assault for the wedding on Saturday. I spent the last two nights making spinach feta puffs, which are fine to freeze and pretty labor intensive. Today after the bookstore I scurry down to the quizzle to meet herbie for shopping, and then I'll try to get some catering in before scurrying to the frick to be a COAT CHECK GIRL. Lordy, I never thought I would actually get to live out my coat check fantasies....but I do. And I get to do it with a cute girl. And I'll probably get to handle at least one fur coat. Ahh, the fine ordor of the wealthy.
After the Frick event where I most likely will not have anything to drink cuz I'll be in the coat room, I'll try to get a little more catering in. It's hard to do too much ahead of time since most of the stuff is not really freezable, and we want it to be fresh. But Friday is going to be intense with supper prep, so I can't leave everything till the last minute as I'd like to.
I'm kinda getting off on my insane catering plus all day working schedule. I get up at 5:30am, do a little computering, take care of something(mostly dishes), then go to work. After work I shop, then I turn on Alice Cooper and make something. I am having fond memories of being up till two am rolling grape leaves. Of course I have to smoke and listen to metal. It's all part of the package.
Gilmore Girls was good last night...although I get so sick of Lorelei sometimes I want to spit. She did stand up to her mom last night, thankfully. And I was very proud of Rory for working the jealousy card on Logan. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
I'm pleased to announce that my Alice Cooper mania has returned full force. It must have something to do with the fact that the tour schedule will be unveiled soon...we've already got dates for the UK, Europe and Australia. I really really can't wait!
In the meantime, I am seriously considering going to see the Crue, and also, even more surreally, Slaughter and Skid Row at the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse. Who can resist the lure of having a nice chicken and ribs dinner while Slaughter plays 30 feet from your table? I don't know that I can.

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