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February 19, 2003

Yesterday evening I had many many good intentions. But then I crawled into bed for "just a little nap" and then I turned on the TV and got sucked right in to the Gameshow's most embarassing moments 3 or whatever it was called. I had to watch because I love Wink Martindale, and I knew that they would be showing at least a little of him. I was not disappointed on that score, but the show in general was really lame. Especially the whole setting in the mall asking people questions which were so clearly scripted. Bah.

Afterward instead of doing dishes or laundry or cleaning up in any way, I got sucked in to the Alan Alda show about placebos. Only for a little while, was pretty boring. I think I already knew about as much about placebos as Alan Alda did. And then I went to sleep even before the news was over. I am such a libertine sometimes.

This morning, I thought I was going to be totally psyched about the fact that Dick Gephardt has finally officially announced his candidacy. I thought that he was going to push forward with the kind of outspoken leadership he had shown as minority leader. But no. He answered every question(except, I have to admit, questions of economic plan) with the kind of infuriating centrism I have come to expect from the Democratic party.(did I really just type demoNcratic???? yes, yes I did)

Why are there no Democrats with the balls to stand up against war? What is going on?

And how about the president being so completely insensitive as to make statements which the press can transform into headlines like "Bush says anti-war protests irrelevant."

How's that for shoring up your faith in democratic representation???? UPDATE: Yoy and double Yoy!! It looks like I may end up having to vote for a dude I actively hated during my youth: Dennis Kucinich How ironic is that?

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