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April 01, 2003


I finally got the answer. We didn't get the contract. And no, I don't think it is an April Fools. I got the call from my boss, and shortly after I got a call from his boss, telling me what a great job I have done and how he knows I did everything I possibly could.

So, I feel ambivalent. I am really glad to have a definite date for starting my new life. It feels really good to have some sort of closure. But, I am sad that it had to go this way, because I am relatively sure that the college is going to regret this decision in VERY short order and also it makes me sad that, as my boss's boss said, they took 24 years of service and put it up against some kind of number chart. Oh well.

I'll soldier on, do the job, and then go on and have a good life. My boss said something about how it sort of seemed like fate that I had this new thing going just now. At least I am taken care of, he said. He is a sweet man.

We are just sort of hanging out being a little stunned right now. Despite all my bad feelings about this, I think it is still hard to officially hear the news.

At least I have an apartment full of wine and a laundry date later. And tomorrow will be a new day.

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