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April 03, 2003

My reaction to my new OFFICIAL senioritus status is hard to predict from minute to minute. On the one hand, I know I have a big job ahead of me, getting everything squared away before the deadline. On the other hand, there is a severe "why bother?" vibe that is constantly lurking in the background. I have decided that the thing to do is break it all down into small manageable projects, and do them two or three per day. With plenty of slacking time in between. That way, I don't feel like I am busting my ass for nothing.

Meanwhile, outside of the bookstore, my life is just so full of potential and possibility that I feel about to burst sometimes. This morning I decided that I want to start a women's spirituality reading and discussion group. Why not? I know lots of women who would be interested, and I know lots of reading material, and I know a GREAT SPOT. And there is no reason why I cannot just DO IT. See? Easy. I concocted a few more schemes this morning, but decided I had better take the scheming one at a time as well.

Yesterday I had a great morning because I read my HOROSCOPE and it spoke to me directly. I love it when that happens.

Then my boss showed up to shower some more gratitude on me, quite unexpectedly. Then I got to go to the Restaurant Expo and sample lots of little fried foods and wine. I also got a bunch of info from the health dept and all that regarding food safety yadayada, which is not the most thrilling reading but something on which I need to school myself. The rest of the day dragged on, and then I went to the DEAN2004 meetup. I was hoping for some great energizing political discussion, and people with ideas about how I could get involved. Instead, I met a fun gay lawyer and his cool Jewish straightgirlfriend, and a mathmatics grad student at Pitt, and some guy who barely spoke above a whisper. Somewhere down at the left end of the table this crank was spouting off about politics in a very confrontational way(um, hello? we all AGREE with you. that's why we are HERE) and somewhere down to the right there was one guy who was actually sort of plugged in to the campaign slightly. It was frustrating. But I put my name on the list, and hopefully someone with some organizing skill will take hold and do something. I am very interested in helping, but I am not interested in POLITICAL ORGANIZING. It's just not my bag, maaan.

Tonight I am SCOTT FREE! Tomorrow I am going to see Andy M Stewart. I will be SCOTT FULL. (har har har, I crack myself up) Saturday is FLUX 9, and my honeygirl will be showing some films. Saturday is also the proposed day of birth for my Herbie's little niece or nephew---we are all rootin for that.

It's a good life.

AND ALSO: RIP Edwin Starr.

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