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April 04, 2003

As time goes on, I will probably occasionally post something about Jesus Christ Superstar, because I know I will never get tired of watching it and I notice new things every time.

For instance, the hippie who played Caiphus was HOT. Hot hot hot hot hot.

Long curly black hair, beard, piercing blue eyes, booming bass voice, absolutely ripped abdomen revealed beneath the jeweled breast plate. The cape and hat don't hurt either. Oh my goodness. I recently read a really good article online by a woman who fell in love with Jesus(as played by Ted Neely) when she saw the movie in the theaters. I was never that into Jesus as played by Ted Neely because he is sort of blonde and whispy. But Caiphus? Aye carrumba. He is very sexy in that David Bowie in Labyrinth scary way. It is unfortunate that he is always being shadowed by the annoying high pitched whiny Annas. But maaaaaan. Hotty hot hot. I wish there was a picture on line I could link to. You'll just have to rent it.

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