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April 16, 2003

Today has been a mostly textbook day, resulting in dry fingers and lips, overheating, and an inordinate craving for bread. Seriously, I am to the point of bread desire that when I still my mind for a second I see visions of wonderbread. Luckily, my thoughtful honeygirl gave me some walkin around money this morning so I can fulfill my bread fantasies when I leave this place. In less than 45 minutes.

The financial disputes are begining---I knew they would, but I thought I would get a little more of a reprieve. So now on top of clearing out all the books and getting all the new books and shredding documents and boxing up books and disposing of unwanted office supplies,I am going to have to search through back invoices. Sigh.

Tonight since I am on such a housecleaning roll, I am going to begin to tackle the rockstar room and start throwing away many things. Tomorrow is trashday, so tonight is the night to get several bags of cast offs casted. Off.

I want to be more interesting today, but I just can not manage it. Tune in tomorrow for something exciting.

OH WAIT!!! HOW ABOUT THIS: take it easy, hug and squeeze me

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