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April 26, 2003

This morning, I am fighting the forces of evil by wearing all red and listening to the Yoko Ono "Open Your Box" remixes. I am so glad that someone finally tapped into the wealth of dance material she provided in the seventies. If I was going to sample something, it would DEFINITELY be Yoko. Listening to the CD I can so clearly see the perfect young gay boys workin it to the beat. And wailing along. Hee hee.

Yesterday was a bad day and is best forgotten all around. I feel like the administration is trying to break my spirit. It's not going to work, but it is a great inconvenience to have to deal with stupid shit while I have all kinds of other things to deal with.

Today I am armed with Emergen-C* and a red outfit and a baaaaaaad attitude so no body better try to step to me.

Last night I saw Lisa Marie Presley on Letterman. She is so hottiehothot, and she has the most smoky voice. I think I might get her CD. I was sorta pissed at Dave for not really asking her anything at all about herself or how she came to make the record or anything. Just dad dad dad, michael jackson mom dad dad dad. I guess it is hard for someone like that to be taken as an autonomous human being, but I think Dave could have been a little more probing in his interview.

Anyways, I am glad I saw her. I was trying to fall back to sleep and it wasn't working, and so I turned on the Letterman to put me out. I flipped over to Leno to see if I wanted to see his guest more than I was repulsed by just looking at him(this is the game I play any time I turn on Leno) and he had Arnold Swarzeneggar and some little girl who makes hemp bracelets for our troops. Truly disturbing.

*speaking of disturbing, if you click on the link to Emergen-C you can read a bunch of quack nutjob articles written by the guy who sells it. Let me just say that despite the nut-jobbiness, the stuff really works. It gives you quite the boost when you are draggin.

Alright, time to face the day. Six hours till I get to crawl back in bed, and counting......

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