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April 29, 2003

The next time you hear from me, my hair will be DARK CHOCOLATE.

This is a somewhat radical move as anyone who knows me can attest. I am excited for it. I am hoping for something in the realm of Jaclyn Smith.

Yesterday and today were major cleaning out the backroom days. I had very little to do with it, as yesterday I was all about the buyback and today I have been all about the paperwork. A nice fellow from another bookstore came to help, and he just went to town on it. He smacked it up, flipped it, reversed it, OHHHHH NOOOOO!

Now when I go into the back room I get a little sad. I miss my clutter and the three straw cowboy hats which have been perched on the very top shelf for all of the five years I have been here. Alas.

I did score some nice purple papersortingtrays, and a bunch of office fileboxes to tackle the remaining clutter in my rockstar room. And a big box of expired Halloween candy, which I am not too proud to take home. You never know when a candy corn emergency is going to strike. It is better to be prepared, even if it is with 6 month old candycorn.

Last night I spent a nice evening in the company of an old dear friend---the first real friend I made when coming to Pittsburgh. She lives in Germany now, and has two kids. It was great to see her and her german hubby and her fun friend from long ago. I realized at the end of the evening that I had only been able to fill her in on roughly Half of the changes in my life since the last time I saw her---a letter is in order.

And now, back to the paper. rock on.

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