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Monday, Mar. 21, 2005

Ok, hope you are not sick to death of my effusiveness, cuz it's not over yet.
I am not going to effusive anymore about Alice or his pants (at least not just right this moment!) and am instead going to effuse about my darling, darling, Ryan Roxie.
I finally ponied up to get the Peace, Love and Armageddeon Cd with the full packaging, and today as I was running out the door to catch the bus to my second job, there it was in the mailbox. I tore into it on the way, and was instantly just charmed to pieces. The packaging is fantastic...even including some photos of Roxie and his son that had tears of joy coming to my eyes. Then there's the little message on the back...he really is just the sweetest rock star ever! So positive, so full of love....goshdarnit, I guess I'm still just a dang ole hippie after all!
I had one of those cinemagic moments this evening while waiting for the bus: the evening sky just begining to darken, a soft spring shower just trickling from the sky, and Ryan Roxie singing "Second Chances" in my ear. It really doesn't get much better than that, I assure you.
Later, in the grocery store, I did something stupid and my walkman crashed to the floor. I'm sure it will be okay...I just don't have the heart to look at it closely yet.
Oh! Here's my little friend the spider! He lives in my wall and comes out once in a while when I am on the computer. Hi spidey!
Currently listening to the netfeed of the Thunderbay classic rock radio station, which is at this moment coming in loud and clear. If it manages to keep coming in loud and clear for the next five hours, I will get to listen to Alice's radio show at long last. I don't know if I can stand the anticipation!
Ok, I oughta take this opportunity to go and wash some dishes. Ya'll be good.

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