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Friday, Apr. 01, 2005

Well now!
It's april fools day, which marks the anniversary of my life changing. It was April first TWO YEARS ago now that I got the call to say that the bookstore contract was not being renewed, and I was no longer going to be a bookstore manager. Plunging me headlong and for reals into the culinary life I had always dreamed of.
And here it is TWO YEARS later, and today I went to work at 6:30am to get ready for a catering job AND a supper club tonight for which we have 30 reservations...and do breakfast on top of it. Which featured a party of TEN, all wanting paninis. Whoo boy! Yeah, it was stressful. Yeah, I was tired. But not at all cranky, and never despairing. Like I used to be all the time when I was a bookstore manager. It just really is nice to get that kind of affirmation that one has made the right life choice. Just the other day I was offered a 50 grand plus bonus a year bookstore job if I would move to Buffalo. I said NO so lound and clear you would think someone had offered to inject me with botox!
I gotta go nap so I can go back and help Herbie out with the jampacked supper. But I wanted to write a little somethin about the importance of this day. honeygirl found a used copy of Pretty Hate Machine. This makes me inordinately happy. She also got me two new Rob Zombie Cds. Consequently, I am actually giving Alice a break today! (although I did stay up until 2am listening to his radio show last night....)
Also making me happy is the surprise visit I got from Chill this morning. That girl just rocks SO HARD, and we sat and smoked a while and caught up. She just got back from Greece. For her job. At the Whitney. She's on her way to Erie to record a new record with the Faces. And she bought her mom a puppy. Also, she told me how sad she is that J* and her lalalahusband are moving back to Pittsburgh..but she assured me that she'll be coming in to town regularly and will make sure that she brings j* down to the storm.
Man, is this going to be one hell of a summer!

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