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Monday, May. 17, 2004

Ha! It is to laugh! All that stuff I had planned to do around the house. NONE OF IT got done. But hell, it was a CHEFS GONE WILD weekend and I enjoyed every last second.

Friday night was really enjoyable. My buddy T had a grown up night, and we drank two bottles of cheap ass sangria, plus several beers, and hung out with the folks at the Storm. Some of the music was great, some of it made me wince. But I had complete emotional healing and closure and for that I am very happy. Peace, glorious peace. Harry Hope and the Last Chances played "Look at the Rain" which made me hop up and down behind the bar, with my giant Heineken in my hand.

After the show, my HG met me at my place and we went drunkenly to bed. Saturday morning I got to watch my shows and have coffee in bed, as I like to do, and then I made breakfast and we headed out to do some things. I sold 5 Cds for $35 dollars and Paul's, and she bought the new Patti Smith album and an old Le Tigre and an even older Heartbreakers. (Pirate Love, it's what I want and more) Then we headed over to the Waterfront to get a new food processor, and also a bonus silver lame shower curtain. I have a good sugar mama!! Then we grilled, then we got gussied up and went to see the naked ladies at Blue Ruin. Only we couldn't actually see them, because the place was wall to wall with drinkers who wouldn't move. I hope they managed to sell some stuff, cuz what I saw looked amazing.

After that it was off to the Rickety House for the dance party. I hung out and drank my 32oz of rum with a little lemonade, and I laughed and smoked and chatted with the folks. It was great. Finally the dance party got kickin and I danced up a storm and fell over and drank more and wandered outside and wandered inside and said some things I don't remember....hee hee. Chefs gone wild, indeed.

Got home round about 4am. Swiftly to bed, only to wake up at TEN AM!!!! And then go to Indian Buffet at noon, and then slept until it was time to get ready for the photo shoot. I felt so totally like a rock star, getting up in the late afternoon to get ready for my photo shoot! It was fun, and I got to see the Lady Bijou and Mr Bijou and baby Bijou, and it just filled me up with love. They are really wonderful people. We cruised back home and I made some quick pasta and we settled in to watch the Charlie Manson movie. Yes, it gave me nightmares. But it was a really good movie. Bout half way through, we had ice cream. Manson family and ice cream, the ultimate combination.

I had a really sexy dream about Alice Cooper which I have not been able to remember well enough to think about. I know in the dream he had a wife who was not his actual beautiful wife, but a sort of frumpy woman who was trying to hawk some sort of religious tracts after his show. He was trying to get away from her and we made out backstage. That's all I can remember. I get a kick out of how my mind works sometimes.

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